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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What amount is granted for a scholarship?
The amount of the scholarship is 700,00 € a month as a rule, but can be adjusted to the average cost of living in the respective city. Most of the money is planned for the payment of accommodation and food, tuition fees and health insurance. Of course, every scholarship holder will receive a monthly sum for pocket money at his own disposal.

Where will I live during my studies in Germany?
Scholarship students in the language courses will be housed together in Saint-Irenaeus-College in Paderborn and will receive their meals in the episcopal theologians residence, the  "Collegium Leoninum".

Those scholarship holders who have applied for a research or a post-graduate scholarship and want to study at a faculty of theology in another German city must make their own arrangements for accommodation and meals, possibly with the help of their academic supervisor.

How can I obtain a visa?
Students from non-EU-countries requiring a visa to enter Germany will receive – together with the award letter – a formal confirmation,  which they need for a visa application at the German embassy or the consulate in their homeland.

To which age group do the scholarships apply?
Scholarship holders must have finished undergraduate study of theology, however should still receive the scholarship in the course of their theological education. Therefore, the minimum age is 20 years and the maximum age is 30 years as a rule.

How will the scholarship holders be supported in Germany?
Orthodox scholarship holders who take part in the language course in Paderborn, or who study at the Faculty of Theology in Paderborn, will receive the support of the employees of the Johann-Moehler-Institute, as well as the spiritual director of the “Collegium Leoninum,” a priest of the Archdiocese of Paderborn.

For all scholarship holders, also for those who study at other places in Germany, a conference will be held once a year which serves to deepen the community among the scholarship holders and to introduce them to special subjects (e.g., the latest developments in Orthdox-Catholic dialogue).

Who is my contact if I should have further questions?
If you should have further questions, please contact the managing director of the scholarship commission, Dr Johannes Oeldemann (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). He can also be contacted at the Johann-Adam-Moehler-Institute by phone: +49-5251-8729800.

Johann-Adam-Möhler-Institut für Ökumenik * Leostr. 19a * 33098 Paderborn * Tel.: 05251-8729-800 * Fax: 05251-280210 * E-Mail: jam[at]moehlerinstitut.de